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Keith & Maribel Kruepke

Welcome to our homepage! You can come here to read the latest news about Keith and Maribel Kruepke. (Oh, yeah...and Jordan too!) The links along the top and bottom also point you to other information available on this site. We would like to recommend a browse through our photo gallery.

The photo to the left was taken in our backyard in January 2006. (Yes, I am sure it was January, even though there is no snow.)

Smiling Feb 23, 2009 @ 21:10

Today I am convinced that I have seen some real smiles from Caroline. I will be the first to admit that it is very hard to tell, but I am getting increasingly convinced of it. Yesterday I was fairly suspicious that I saw a real smile or two, but I did not want to jump to any conclusions. Today it was a bit more obvious because she seemed to be reacting to me. I was making some noise and moving her arms when she started smiling.

Maribel came in the room while this was going on, so she got to see it as well. At least I have a witness!

- Keith

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