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Keith & Maribel Kruepke

Welcome to our homepage! You can come here to read the latest news about Keith and Maribel Kruepke. (Oh, yeah...and Jordan too!) The links along the top and bottom also point you to other information available on this site. We would like to recommend a browse through our photo gallery.

The photo to the left was taken in our backyard in January 2006. (Yes, I am sure it was January, even though there is no snow.)

Big Week For Caroline Feb 20, 2009 @ 19:00

This was a big week for Caroline. A week ago, on February 13, she turned one month old. The day before she got to meet her Abuelo (grandfather Aponte). On February 14, we had a party and invited my extended family over to meet Caroline. She got to meet quite a bit of the family that day, and she really enjoyed being held by so many people. Finally, on Thursday, Maribel took Caroline in for her first studio photos. Naturally, that cost more than it was supposed to, but you can see the results here.

It is amazing how much Caroline has changed in a month. Granted, at her size, it does not take much for her to grow a lot as a percentage of her size, but I still find it amazing. She is a wonderful little girl, who in the course of doing so little really does a lot to brighten our lives.

- Keith

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