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Keith & Maribel Kruepke

Welcome to our homepage! You can come here to read the latest news about Keith and Maribel Kruepke. (Oh, yeah...and Jordan too!) The links along the top and bottom also point you to other information available on this site. We would like to recommend a browse through our photo gallery.

The photo to the left was taken in our backyard in January 2006. (Yes, I am sure it was January, even though there is no snow.)

Caroline Doing Well Jan 17, 2009 @ 19:00

Caroline had an appointment with the pediatrician today. Even though they examined her in general, we were particularly concerned about her weight. At the hospital, the nurses told us that Caroline was starting to lose more weight than they would hope. Since she was so small at birth, she did not have much extra weight to lose, even though losing weight is normal for a newborn.

We were very excited to learn that Caroline gained a little bit of weight between Thursday and Saturday, so hopefully she has turned the corner. We made changes to her feeding routine, including more regular feedings and using formula to supplement, so these probably made a big difference.

What a relief!

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