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Fri, 12 Mar 2010

We've Got a Walker!

Following those first steps (or first noticed steps) on January 27, Caroline has not show much interest in walking. Lots of standing and lots of walking behind her toys, but she was not really walking. Right after those initial steps at home, the daycare mentioned Caroline took steps, but then there was a whole lot of nothing.

Well, last Friday that all changed. Maribel was home with Caroline, and I was told that Caroline walked that day. Maribel worked Saturday, so I was on solo childcare duty. Caroline walked several times that day, and a couple of those were more than just a few steps. Since then, walking has become a routing but inconsistent event. With each day, Caroline walks more and gets better at it. She has already attempted to run a few times (all unsuccessful so far).

We really appreciate that Caroline cut us a break and waited a while to walk, but we are excited about this milestone. Right now the best part is watching her decide whether to walk or crawl. She will be standing, and she gets this look on her face that tells me she is thinking hard about what to do next. She also seems to understand that she is doing something special when she walks; apparently our excitement is easy to read. She usually looks right at us and smiles while she is walking or about to walk.

Other updates...

Caroline's vocabulary is increasing, although I barely understand anything she says. Most of it is still gibberish, but she commands a good variety of sounds now. For the last few days, "day-go" has been her favorite word, and it leaves us completely confused. It sounds like she might be saying "Diego," but we have no idea how she could pick that up. Maybe daycare has Dora books or something like that. We have considered other possible explanations, such as corruptions of "doggie" or "daddy", but those do not make much sense.

Caroline is doing pretty well eating solid foods, but she is not all that easy to feed most of the time. Neither Maribel nor I really look forward to feeding her. She usually eats okay, but she does not eat much when she is sick. Being in daycare, she gets sick fairly often. When she is sick, we are lucky that she sleeps really well.

Caroline keeps surprising us with things she seems to figure out. Today Maribel saw her give Jordan one of his toys, which is pretty impressive. Some of that kind of stuff really cracks me up. She is so much fun. I get to babysit again tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it.