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Wed, 21 Oct 2009

More Caroline Updates...Crawling, Standing, "Talking"

Two months since my last update? No, I don't think that could be right.

Well, as you can imagine, Caroline has been changing a lot in the last two months. Of course, that is almost a quarter of her life so far. Weird. She is nine months old as of last week, and she keeps getting more interesting and more fun.

The number of things we can do to make Caroline smile or laugh are now countless. There are times when they might not work, but it is usually pretty easy now. She has two laughs. There is a normal laugh, which I think she uses when she is just amused by something. She also has a laugh that sounds like she is coughing, which I think she might use when she wants us to know she is entertained by something. I am not really sure about that though. It definitely sounds funny.

Caroline crawls anywhere and everywhere with ease. The only time she moves slowly is when she is crying while crawling because she feels abandoned. This often happens when we come home from daycare and I want to change out of my work clothes (although this week has been much better). She has also mastered crawling up the one step from our living room with the sunken floor. She really seems to like doing that; she frequently gives up toys while on the living room floor and crawls to the step. Sometimes she just gets up on her knees and plays at the step, but other times she crawls up it, especially if there is something there she wants to reach.

Caroline can pull herself to a standing position on pretty much anything as well. This is fun to watch. She really likes to stand. She does it a lot on the step in the living room. When she does that, the step is not high enough for her to stand completely upright while she has her hand on it. Then she usually picks up one hand, and sometimes she even tries to pick up the other hand too but has to put it right back down.

Over Labor Day weekend, Maribel and Caroline traveled to Florida. During that trip, Caroline started saying "bah" quite a bit. She goes through phases when she says it a lot and others when she does not say it at all. She has not picked up any other "words" yet. We also cannot get her to to say "bah" in response to us even though we try. Of course, the more she talks or makes other noises, the more she does that in church during mass as well. Fortunately, she is super good in church and only makes a few cute noises during mass. I think the people sitting near us are amused so far.

I know last time I mentioned how Caroline did not like baths. Sometimes she is still unhappy when she takes a bath, but now she usually enjoys them again. Quite a bit of splashing often accompanies baths when she is happy, which gets us very wet. It is pretty funny to watch; sometimes she really looks like she is concentrating when she splashes.

Finally, I think that I have forgotten to mention so far that Caroline has pierced ears. Maribel took her in July, and you can see her earrings in many of the photos since then.

There are also a few videos in our photo gallery; they are the entries that have an icon in place of the thumbnail image. We might be able to devise a better way to share them, but you can view them as they are now if you would like.

More updates to follow...

- Keith