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Mon, 17 Nov 2008

More Ultrasound Photos

Today we had another ultrasound, and we received much good news. Our daughter is growing normally (just a bit on the small side, which Maribel considers good news when it comes to delivery), and she still looks healthy. It was kind of crazy all of the different measurements the ultrasound technician was taking. It was really great and a tremendous relief to keep hearing words like "good" and "normal," and we really enjoyed seeing our daugher again after 12 weeks since the last ultrasound.

Even though the last ultrasound was kind of a bust when it came to photos for the website, this time we were given digital copies of a few. We have posted them to our photo gallery. Check them out!

They were going to do one of those new 3-D ultrasound images today as well, but our little girl was shy and had her hands in front of her face.

This appointment means that there are only eight weeks left until the due date. That is really starting to feel close, although it still feels far away at times.